Truckers accuse some Unifor members of not following court order in Co-op Refinery dispute

A number of truck drivers who must cross Unifor’s picket line and access the Co-op Refinery Complex in order to do their jobs, say some picketing union members are not following a court order that was ruled last week.

The court order said the union can stop vehicles trying to get in and out of the refinery for no more than ten minutes to provide information on the current contract dispute with the refinery, or until the driver declines the information, at which point they should be allowed to proceed without any further interruption.

However some drivers say that hasn’t been the case.

Several videos sent to 620 CKRM show a truck driver asking to pass through a picket line before being told he must stay and listen to them talk for the entire ten minutes even if he doesn’t want to.



Local Unifor 594 President Kevin Bittman said so far the vast majority of truck drivers have listened for the entire ten minutes, with some even walking the picket line before moving through.

Bittman added they see the injunction as them having ten minutes to say their piece, adding he is fine with what is taking place on the picket lines right now.

The two sides remain at an impasse and are not currently at the bargaining table and have no plans set for a return to bargaining in the future.

Shortly after receiving strike notice from Unifor, Federated Co-Op served a 48-hour lockout notice on December 5th, putting an estimated 700 workers. on the streets over the holidays.


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