Record $70-million up for grabs in Friday’s Lotto MAX

Winning $70-million would be a great way to start the year.

Someone in Saskatchewan could do that Friday night as the Lotto MAX jackpot hits a record high $70-million.

Kevin Van Egdom with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation says the record jackpot comes after a change to the game last spring that allows Lotto Max prizes to grow past the former $60- million maximum with this being the first time the jackpot has reached the $70-million level.

“We have had three draws including the one on New Year’s Eve that have hit $65-million, but we have never had it this high.” Van Egdom said. “If no one wins, the next draw and any other draw will be $70 million until there is a winner.”

There will be at least 10 MAXMILLIONS draws to go on Friday with more coming if there is no winner.

Van Egdom is telling people to get their tickets as soon as possible on Friday even though the deadline is 9:30 PM to prevent any problems.  He adds that even though the jackpot is at a record level, you should buy according to your means and not buy a bunch of tickets hoping you have the one seven number combination needed.   He says all you need is one ticket to have those seven numbers.



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