Winter maintenance vehicles hit Regina streets as city sees significant snowfall

Regina is not going to see the ten centimeters of snow that had been forecast to fall, but four-to-five centimeters is still enough to make Regina roads a little dicey meaning it is time for winter maintenance vehicles to hit the streets.

Chris Warren is the City of Regina’s director of roadways and transportation.  He says the full fleet of vehicles is ready to go.

“We are out in full force with our ice control trucks.” Warren said. “We will be putting down sand and salt as well as plowing with our graders starting with Category 1 and 2 roads.  We will try to maintain the road network as best we can while this snow comes down.

While streets were not bad Wednesday morning, it is thought the conditions will deteriorate as the day goes on.  Warren says that while trucks are out, they will try to keep the commute home as smooth as can be with a lot of clearing happening once rush hour dies down and the traffic count isn’t as high.


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