Co-op responds to Unifor’s social media video about replacement workers

The Co-op refinery complex is responding to a video released by Unifor over their social media channels.

The video names replacement workers hired by Co-op and shows their pictures, calling them “scabs” that are doing the work of Unifor local 594 members while they are locked out.

Co-op says they are disappointed but not surprised by the move, adding they see it as abundantly clear Unifor has no respect for anyone but themselves.

Co-op concluded the release by saying they will be taking steps to ensure the safety of those in the video.

Unifor’s Scott Doherty has no problem with the video which names several workers saying the video lets people understand that replacement workers have the opinion that it is more important for them to work than have the people on the picket lines looking for a fair deal from Federated Co-Op return to work.

During a rally earlier this week, Unifor announced they will be stepping up their campaign for a fair deal after Co-op launched a billboard campaign across the province over the labour dispute. That included a protest at Federated Co-op’s head office in Saskatoon on Wednesday.
Pensions are the main issue in the lockout which was called for by Federated Co-Op after Unifor issued a 48 hour strike notice.  Workers have been on the picket line for over a month.

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