Regina Police add six recruits

There’s going to be some new faces on the front lines for Regina Police in a matter of months.

Six new recruits were sworn in on Thursday for Regina Police, as they held a special ceremony for the recruits.

Chief Evan Bray said each officer comes with a unique background that will help them in the field.

“The reality is we’re not robots and we’re not soldiers; we all a uniform that makes us look very similar, but the true strength is the individual that’s in the uniform,” Bray said. “They all come to this with personality, spirit, background and experience, and that, to me, is what makes a police officer.”

Whitney Beug is one of the new recruits, and said her uncle is now a retired officer so it was important for her to continue that family tradition.

“I remember going in Grade 9 and that was at the time where I got to showcase what he was doing as part of SWAT,” Beug said. “I knew from that moment on that I wanted to be a police officer and I wanted to be part of this organization.”

Dan Camponi is another recruit, and said it was important for him to join RPS.

“Being involved in the community and the steps that are being taken by the City of Regina and the Regina Police Service, I think policing is going in the right direction in this city and in this community.”

The recruits will now take part in five months of training at police college before joining the police service full-time.

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