(Jamie) Guess What I Forgot To Do?

A few weeks ago I blogged about how proud I was of myself for not forgetting to unplug my vehicle before leaving for work 5 days in a row. Then last week Evans and I talked about people forgetting to unplug their vehicles. I was glad to hear that the majority of drivers have done that at least once.

Yesterday afternoon my wife and I had to head out to pick up our granddaughter. On our way home we were about a block from the house when I said to my wife, “Uh oh. I think I forgot to unplug the vehicle before we left.” I don’t know what made me think of that when we were almost home, but it just hit me.

Sure enough when we pulled up I noticed that someone had hung my extension cord on our tree out front. I also noticed the cord was about 20 feet from the front of the house where I had it plugged in. Drat!

I don’t know which neighbour went out and pulled the cord from the road and hung it from our tree, so I really wasn’t sure who to thank.

This morning I taped another note to my wallet with simple instructions. Unplug vehicle. It worked!

I talked to my dad on the phone yesterday, but I didn’t mention anything about that. I could just hear him. “Haven’t you learned anything in 57 years?”

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