Family of Rocky Lonechild continues to advocate one month after Regina Police arrest caught on camera

The Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism is raising concern with the arrest of Rocky Lonechild that was caught on a home security camera last month.

In the video, four Regina Police officers took down Lonechild, while one of them kneed him four times in the back, which broke ribs and punctured a lung, leaving Lonechild in the hospital.

Advocate Carmel Crowchild said while she won’t fully call this a racist act, there is still racism in the way police treat indigenous people.

“Immediately when I notice in the media that when it’s an indigenous suspect, right away the words of: ‘methamphetamine,’ ‘guns,’ ‘home invasion,’ are immediately attached and put right through the media,” Crowchild said. “Where’s that for the non-indigenous suspects when they get arrested? Why aren’t they described that same way?”

Crowchild said she feels the investigation into the arrest will be one-sided.

“Every investigation that I’ve witnessed and have knowledge of neglects to interview the indigenous people involved,” Crowchild said. “We have witnesses that have come forward and shared these stories of that night with the family. This is how we know this part of the truth.”

Lonechild remains in custody on charges connected to a home invasion, weapons and crystal meth incident from December 13.

{Files from Moises Canales}

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