Questions about sublease deal at GTH has calls for Conflict of Interest Commissioner to get involved

The NDP is on the government’s case again over another financial loss at the Global Transportation Hub and wondering if there is a conflict of interest in a leasing deal as the son of a current cabinet minister now has office space at the facility.

Cathy Sproule is the NDP’s GTH Critic. She isn’t suggesting anything is wrong with the deal that sees the son of Corrections Minister Christine Tell leasing out the space, but she would like the province’s Conflict of Interest Commissioner to get involved..

I don’t know if anything wrong has occurred here, but I want it reviewed just for the fact that a cabinet minister’s son is now leasing a fairly notorious property so we want to make sure everything is on the up and up.” Sproule said. “This also is another example as to how every decision made by the government at the GTH is a money-loser.”

This will cost the government $278,000.

Conflict of Interest Commissioner Ron Barclay did indicate Monday that he will be looking into the deal and that his investigation will be complete within weeks.

The government says Tell has also reached out to Barclay’s office to review the matter and make sure everything has been done correctly.

The government has also said Tell has no professional or financial involvement with the company her son owns and has no involvement with operations at the GTH.

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