Saskatchewan’s deep freeze to last at least a week according to Environment Canada

Environment Canada says this cold snap Saskatchewan is experiencing is only beginning.

Temperature are forecasted to be between the minus 30’s and 40’s this week, and that doesn’t include the windchill factor.

Meteorologist Terri Lang said this is what people expect in a Saskatchewan winter.

“I think we kind of got spoiled a little bit with that holiday weather, it was pretty nice,” Lang said. “Now, we’re really into the meat of winter, so we are expecting this deep freeze to stay for the week and probably into the weekend as well.”

Lang said several extreme cold warnings will be in place on and off throughout the week.

Lang said the number one risk when the temperature stays this low is frost bite.

“When we have windchill values as high as they are, that means that the skin can freeze very quickly within a couple of minutes, so all extremities should be covered up when you’re outside,” Lang said. “Hat, ears covered, mitts on, good boots on, that type of thing.

“The other thing people should do (is) dress in layers, it’s the air between all of those layers that keeps you insulated from the cold.”

Relief could be on the way, as Lang says temperatures could return to normal day-time highs sometime next week.

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