FSIN wants Ottawa to move faster on safe drinking water issue

Ottawa says they’re on track to make their commitment of lifting every long-term drinking water advisory on reserves by March of next year.

Since November of 2015, the federal government has lifted 87 advisories.

Here in Saskatchewan, there are currently seven long-term drinking water advisories including one on the Little Pine First Nation located approximately 70 kilometres northwest of North Battleford.

Two months ago, the drinking water advisory in that community became long-term after being in place for more than 12 months.

Bobby Cameron, Chief of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations says the federal government is making slow progress of addressing the issue, although he says more needs to be done.

“If they (federal government) could just send the funding investment to fix the problem in Little Pine and many other First Nations, then we wouldn’t have these problems that Chiefs and council are raising.”

Cameron says he would like to see all boil water advisories lifted and that every community has safe, drinkable water.

According to the Government of Canada’s website, there are currently 4 short-term drinking water advisories in place on Saskatchewan First Nations not including any under the Saskatoon Tribal Council.



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