(Jamie) Oops! Wrong House

Last week when I got home from work I noticed there was a bright pink paper in our mailbox folded over so half the paper was in the box and the other half was on the outside. Whoever put that in the box wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it, which would be tough to do considering it was bright pink!

When I got up to the house and retrieved the paper, it turned out to be a notice from one of the city’s service providers that stated service from that particular company would be terminated in 5 days unless the bill was paid in full before that. I found that rather odd, considering all of our bills are always paid in full before they’re even due.

As I looked closer I realized the address shown on the notice wasn’t even ours. This notice was supposed to go to someone else in the neighbourhood. I guess the guy who delivered it that morning wasn’t wearing his glasses or was in a big hurry to get back into his warm vehicle.

I called the number on the notice to inform the company that they dropped this off at the wrong address and to tell them they would have to rectify this situation themselves. I certainly wasn’t going to run this over to the house it should have been delivered to in the first place. I thought it might be a little embarrassing for our neighbour to know that I knew about this notice.

When I called the number on the notice I got a recording letting me know that I could be waiting for up to half an hour to talk to someone in person. I certainly wasn’t going to hang around on the phone for that long, so I put my shoes back on and ran the notice over to the correct address hoping that no one would be home. Fortunately, they weren’t.

Here’s hoping those who deliver such notices take a little more care in reading addresses! It certainly put me in an awkward position that I don’t care to be in again.

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