Long waits for tow trucks Wednesday

The cold weather is giving people some troubles getting out of the house.

CAA Saskatchewan says it has received an influx of calls for tow trucks and battery boosts.

CAA’s Christine Niemczyk said at this time, operators will not be able to give an estimated time of arrival, adding that first thing Wednesday morning it was a two-three hour wait. “We are going to get a lot more calls with people on their way to work, on their way home or children duties. Unfortunately because of the extreme cold, we cannot provide an estimated time of arrival.”

“The roadside assistance operator will always call the driver and let them know when they are coming,” added Niemczyk. “Unfortunately we can’t give a time of arrival, but our operators will be in touch with those requesting assistance from CAA and let them know when a driver is on route.”

She said there are some things you can do to prevent having any car problems. “Make sure your vehicle is always plugged in, especially when it’s minus 15, and we know it is much colder than that. You want to make sure that the cord is not frayed, and that it is plugged into a proper power source. Check the battery, it really is your vehicle’s lifeline.”

She added that you should also have an emergency kit in your car, which includes extra clothes, food and flashlight, in case you get trapped on the road.

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