(Jamie) Here We Go With The “Clean Walls” Thing Again

Yesterday after supper my wife and I were sitting in the living room watching the news when she suddenly blurted out, “I’d like to wash the walls before we leave on our trip.” Really? Where do these thoughts come from? We’ve never had anyone over to our house EVER that made a comment on how dirty our walls were. What in the world does she see that I’m apparently so blind to? They look fine to me.

I stated the obvious. “We won’t be here so you won’t even have to look at the walls for one whole week!” She then reminded me that she wanted everything to be nice and clean for her cousin who will be staying at our place while we’re gone.

Her cousin is not a king, prince, duke, or anything else that comes with a royal title. He’s just a guy and guys don’t notice how dirty walls are. If you had 100 guys standing around our living room I guarantee 99 of them would think the walls looked just fine!

It’s not like I can head outdoors and do something else while she’s washing the walls, like mow the lawn. I’m stuck inside and she knows it. She’s got me right where she wants me.

I guess I’ll spend an hour or so this weekend with a washcloth in one hand and an old ice cream pail containing some kind of cleaning concoction in the other.

I hope her cousin, or shall I say, His Royal Highness, appreciates all the work that I put in this weekend to make sure he’s not staring at dirty walls for one whole week!

You’re welcome David.

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