(Jamie) It’ll Be A While Before That Stuff Comes Out Again

Yesterday afternoon after letting Max out to do his business I decided to toss some things into the shed that I found in the basement that needed to be stored away for the rest of the winter. I took the opportunity to reacquaint myself with all the of things I stuffed in there before the snow started flying last fall.

There were the cushions for our lawn chairs on one side while the umbrella for the patio table stood at attention in the far corner. Then there were the assorted lawn ornaments, including my wife’s favourite, the Saskatchewan Roughrider gnome. Not exactly my favourite. There’s something about that little thing that gives me the heebie jeebies. Then there’s the bird bath that keeps a lot of our winged friends nice and cool on a hot summer day.

There was the electric car that our granddaughters love driving around in. It seems like forever since that car was making laps around the yard.

I know it’s a few months before the hum of lawnmowers fills the neighbourhhood again, but mine looked like it was standing at the ready, just waiting to be called into action. Then, there it was, my favourite toy…my leaf blower. I don’t know what it is about that thing, but I just love playing with it. Max certainly wouldn’t agree with that statement. Whenever I get that thing cranked up the darn dog acts more like a scaredy-cat and heads to the furthest corner of the backyard and waits until I’m done blowing whatever it is that needs blowing that day. Wimp.

It was all there, patiently waiting to see the rays of sunlight after months of being locked up in a cold dark shed. It’ll be a while yet.

I can hardly wait to see all that stuff out in the backyard again. How many sleeps until spring arrives?

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