(Gloria) January. A Month of Surprises

Three Mondays deep into 2020 and what haven’t we seen?  Originally, I started to jot things down that have happened, then realized, “WOW, that’s bummer!”

So, here we are past payday, heading into longer days feeling grateful that we are in Saskatchewan!  Past one cold snap and waiting for a spring type thaw.  Can you imagine being in Newfoundland?  Just holding tight and waiting for the storm to blow over.  Sitting with a some “storm chips”, which are a thing and a few “pops”.  Then, there’s a break and you need to get busy.  I love the videos from The Rock.  People dig out,  dig around and unearth their possessions, then they kind of party! Because, really, why not!  If anyone can a situation and spin it another way,  perhaps it is those on the East Coast.

A friend lives just outside of Halifax.  She tells me when they have snow days,  NO ONE goes into work nor school.  Not a bad idea. Keep safe.  I can’t imagine an ice storm, where your power is crushed for days maybe even weeks.  Luckily, Saskatchewan just has howling winds and it gets damn cold.   Our week of bone chilling temperatures seems to be in the rear view mirror, for now!  I actually found it more invigorating being out this past week than when its nice! Bundle Up and Keep Calm.

As the continent of Australia is scorched, we have to be grateful for winter.  There are volcano eruptions causing turmoil in the Pacific Rim, tremors that just may creep up our West Coast.  And again, it makes you feel good to be in land locked Saskatchewan.  But never say never, the world is a crazy place!  Just ask  Harry & Meghan!


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