Premier Moe says 2020 provincial election isn’t as far off as one may think

We are a long ways away from the 2020 provincial election at this time, but soon late October will be here and Saskatchewan citizens will be casting their vote as to what the next government will look like.

For Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party, they are looking to remain in power which is something they have been in since taking the 2007 election.

While the SaskParty is seemingly in control of things right now, Premier Scott Moe says they can take nothing for granted.

“We have to be out as we have been over the past number of years talking to people whether they be rural or urban and understanding what is important to them.” Moe said while on a visit to 620 CKRM this week.

The election campaign will be the first for Moe as he took over both control of the party and being Premier when Brad Wall stepped down in 2017.  Moe feels Saskatchewan has seen enough of him now to know that while he is different than Wall, the party has not changed its values.

“We will see ultimately at the ballot box how people feel, but I think I have been around long enough for people to see what I am and that the Saskatchewan Party is still the same party from when Brad was here.” Moe said. “We are still focussed on the economic growth of our industries like agriculture, mining and energy.”

Saskatchewan voters go to the polls on Monday, October 26

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