Police chief Evan Bray goes to Facebook to address Reginans on refinery dispute

Saying the role of the Regina Police Service is to maintain community safety,  Police Chief Evan Bray has gone to Facebook to talk about the lockout at the Co-Op Refinery.

Bray, who says he felt the need to have this conversation with the public using Facebook, feels this is an issue that has brought up understandable emotion which polarizes people and results in strong opinion one way or another.

The chief says the role of the police is to maintain safety and investigate allegations of criminal complaints with many of those coming in since the lockout started in early December.  On Monday, there was a complete blockade which Bray says was a breach because you can not limit access in and out of a business and it is something that will result in criminal charges.  He adds the fact arrests still aren’t being made doesn’t mean work isn’t being done behind the scenes and that a plan is in place.

As he stated earlier this week, Bray says he couldn’t be prouder of his officers who handled their duties in a highly professional manner in what was a chaotic situation.

He concludes the message by saying he wishes to meet with Unifor representatives including national president Jerry Dias to sit down with him.  Bray says he wants to get an understanding as to what the role of the police is and what exactly it is that they are trying to accomplish.

At the end of the day, Bray says a deal will be done and the community will still be one that works together and laughs together and that that sense of community will return.



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