YWCA Regina launches 2020 Coldest Night of the Year campaign

Regardless of the temperature that night, February 22nd will be Regina’s Coldest Night of the Year.

YWCA Regina is holding their fifth annual cold weather homelessness campaign hoping to raise funds and spread the message for family homelessness and poverty programs.

YWCA CEO Melissa Coomber-Bendsten said the timing of this event is to show the supports available to those that need them.

“We turn away most women and children in the spring time because that’s when it’s safe to come out because they stay in precarious situations, they continue to stay and couch surf from place to place, or they stay in violent relationships in the winter because it is that cold here.”

Coomber-Bendsten said this event has changed the language around homelessness in Regina.

“We’ve really used it as an awareness piece,” Coomber-Bendsten said. “We invite out partner organizations who also work with folks that are experiencing homelessness to come and share information about their community organizations. They’re part of the messaging we put out as well so that it’s really a community effort.”

Jessica Dunn and her daughter are participating in this year’s event. She says she encourages other families to get involved.

“I felt that it’s a good opportunity for families in Regina to become more aware of what’s happening and to pull together like Regina always does,” Dunn said. “We’re always so great at supporting charities in our community and this is just another way that we can support those that are hurting.”

Those wanting to register a team for this year’s Coldest Night of the Year can visit their website.

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