(Jamie) Electric Toothbrush 1… Lewis 0

This morning I was going through my usual routine in the bathroom getting ready for work. My last piece of business is always brushing my teeth. After that all I have to do is get dressed and head out the door.

At 57 you’d think a guy would have brushing his teeth down to a fine art. It’s quite a simple job. Put toothpaste in mouth, put electric toothbrush in mouth, turn said toothbrush on, brush teeth, turn toothbrush off and take out of mouth, rinse toothbrush off.

This morning it was the second last step that got me. For some reason I pulled my toothbrush out of my mouth before turning it off.  Suddenly I had an electric toothbrush spraying toothpaste everywhere. It was on the wall. It was on our cabinet. It was all over the mirror. What a dummy! If it was a contest, the toothbrush definitely won that round.

For a moment I thought, “Hey, I could just leave this mess for my wife to clean up.” On second thought, I really didn’t want to be in the doghouse so early in the day, so I grabbed a wet cloth and cleaned up my mess.

I’ve never read the instructions on an electric toothbrush before, but I’m sure there’s something there that mentions not to take the toothbrush out of ones mouth while it’s still on and full of toothpaste.

Knowing me, this won’t be the last time this happens!

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