(Jamie) My Underwear Is Just Fine Thank You

Every time my wife does laundry I hear the same thing. “I wish you’d go out and buy yourself some new underwear. Most of them have holes in them” I keep telling her, it doesn’t matter how many holes there are, it’s all about where those holes are located. With underwear, as with real estate, it’s location, location, location!

I love clothes that are well worn. A pair of jeans can’t be faded enough for me and the more the pockets are frayed, the better. To be honest, I’ve got a couple pairs of jeans that probably shouldn’t be worn in public, but that doesn’t stop me. I strut around in those things like I’m the king of the city!

Whenever I go out in those jeans I know every guy is staring at me thinking the same thing, “What a lucky guy. My wife would have made me throw jeans like that out years ago. Now, that’s a man. He’s probably even wearing underwear with a million holes in them. There’s a guy that can’t be tamed.” My wife might not agree, but I certainly know how to make every other man jealous with my natty attire.

Nope. This guy doesn’t need a 3-piece suit with a silk tie and alligator shoes to get noticed. It’s all about old faded jeans and holy underwear.

Now, that’s a dress code you can set your watch to!

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