Day 50 of refinery lockout sees Fougere speak with Unifor head Jerry Dias while police chief Bray releases second video

After a request on Friday by Unifor national president Jerry Dias to sit down with Regina mayor Michael Fougere, the two sat down at City Hall.

The meeting, which lasted about an hour, was a chance for the two to speak about the lockout at the Co-Op refinery which hit Day 50 on Friday.

Fougere described the 45 minute meeting was productive.  He expressed his concerns about public safety to Dias not only at the refinery but the city while Dias expressed his opinions about what Unifor is doing

Like many others, Fougere says this is a dispute that must be settled between the two sides.

“The way this will be resolved is through collective bargaining.” Fougere said. “It is important for the two parties to get together and have a final resolution.”

Meanwhile, police chief Evan Bray released a second video on the police’s role in this dispute.  Bray re-iterated that community safety and that the blockades set up are illegal.   He says conversations with both sides have resulted in uninhibited access to one of the gates in case emergency vehicles are needed which is essential and that has happened.

As for the blockades, Bray said while illegal, there are many people out there including seniors and children.  He says action is being taken, but not action that will escalate the situation.  He knows that approach is not one agreed on by everyone, but it is the approach they are going to take.




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