U of R, Sask Polytech and SIIT all sign on to Violence Threat Risk Assessment and Protocol

Close to three years after the original protocol was signed, the University of Regina, Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies and Sask Polytech have all signed onto the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment and Support Protocol.

The signing allows the three post-secondary institutions to be involved in threat assessment and incident prevention. It also allows the three parties to share necessary information during an investigation.

Police Chief Evan Bray says this protocol helps prevent attacks on schools.

“When a tragedy occurs in the world, when think about things that have happened, major incidents over the last decade, often times after the fact, someone comes forward and goes ‘you know, this is something that I saw posted on Facebook, this is something that he said to a friend, this is something she’s been drawing pictures about,’” Bray said. “Those types of early indicators are often there.”

Bray says it’s important to keep the students of post-secondary schools safe.

“This is a community in of itself out here at the University, and so making sure we keep everyone here safe, being on top of potential risks is absolutely essential,” Bray said. “It’s really what we do, it’s what VTRAS is about, and so to me this kind of closes the loop.”

Executive Director for the North American Center for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response Kevin Cameron says the threat needs to be proven credible for it to be acted on.

“If somebody makes a plausible threat, including threatening to bring an explosive on campus, in this generation that’s now a plausible threat,” Cameron said. “Someone threatens to take a knife and stab somebody, to beat them with a lead pipe, etc. let alone shoot up an institution, (those) are all plausible.”

Staff will take part in threat assessment training in order to identify valid threats. The training is conducted by the North American Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response.

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