Drugs and weapons are fuelling rash of homicides in Regina this month

Regina police chief Evan Bray says there should be no worry in the community about the city becoming more dangerous even though there have been four murders in January with three occurring last weekend.

“The fact we have had three homicides in the last week to week and a half has been a real challenge to our community.”Bray said following a Board of Police Commissioners Meeting. “What I also know is that there is no evidence to indicate those three are linked.  What we’re talking about then is not necessarily a random incident but incidents that oftentimes take that real tragic twist when you’ve got alcohol or drugs involved.

While drugs and alcohol have played a factor, Bray was hesitant to say if the homicides are gang-related.  In two of the four cases, charges have been issued with the investigation continuing in the other two.

Regina had 9 murders in 2019.

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