Has someone done a good deed for you lately?

Saskatchewan people are known across the country as great volunteers. We love to dig in and help others when we can to ensure someone (or something) is successful! Sometimes it’s as simple as volunteering to help push someone out of the snow. It’s the Canadian thing to do!

Yesterday along Victoria Avenue in Regina I got hung up in some snow. I could go back and forth but once I turned the steering wheel to pull out onto the street I was stuck. The snow was just greasy enough that a two wheel drive truck couldn’t get much traction. Along came a gentleman who rushed outside from the comfort of his own home to give me a push. I didn’t need much of one, just enough to get me over the hump of snow created by passing vehicles. It was enough and I was on my way!

I thanked the gentleman quickly because I was on westbound Vic Ave during rush hour and cars were coming up on me fast, but I thought I should recognize the man for his effort. I did not get his name, but I hope he’s aware of my gratitude towards him. Otherwise, I’d have to set up camp in my truck on Victoria Avenue until summer! Mmmmm, I can almost taste the s’mores cooked over the engine manifold.

When people perform good deeds like the gentleman above, it not only restores one’s faith in humanity, but it inspires one to want to help the next person who may need assistance with something. My job has allowed me to see the very best in people when times are good and when times are tough. This is was makes Saskatchewan, and Canada, the best place to live in the world!

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