(Jamie) Now That’s A Snow Shovel

Yesterday when my wife was on her way home from work she called me and asked if I wanted to head out to Home Depot. It wasn’t a clothing store and she wasn’t going shopping for clothes, so I said sure!

Apparently she had her mind made up that we needed a snow shovel that has a metal blade at the end. My first thought was that we already have two snow shovels that can handle whatever snow Mother Nature can throw at us and they’re both in great shape. Oh well. Can one ever have too many snow shovels in Saskatchewan?

When we got home I went into the house while my wife stayed outside and put that new metal bladed snow shovel to the test. Our walks were shovelled about as good as they could be at that point. They looked like all the walks in front our neighbours houses. They were all cleaned, just not down to the concrete. That is, until my wife got to work. Hey, that shovel appeared to work wonders.

She scraped all of the snow from the front of the house that leads down to the sidewalk. There it was! Concrete! That was enough for her. She came in and told me I could finish the rest tomorrow. I told her, “Or I could wait until Saturday when it’s supposed to be plus 6 outside.” Why shovel snow when it’ll melt itself away in a matter of days. I thought that was pretty logical thinking.

I won’t tell you how she responded, but apparently I’ll be shovelling the sidewalk after work today.


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