Donation to food banks of Saskatchewan reaches over 30 communities

Food Banks of Saskatchewan have received a big donation to help the hungry.

The G. Murray and Edna Forbes Foundation Fund has provided $45,000 to help the food banks in the province.

A representative of the Forbes Foundation Fund, Susan Yuzik, said the funds will go to help with food distribution. “We have been supporting the Food Banks of Saskatchewan for a few years now. Our belief as a family is that people really can’t be at their best, they can’t excel if their stomachs are empty or if their children’s stomachs are empty.”

“The Food Banks of Saskatchewan have a network that goes out to 30 communities in the province and Regina is the hub of the distribution network,” said Yuzik. “So they are able to take advantage of bulk buying, they have transportation and they are also a communication hub.”

Nutrien offers a matching grant to the food banks of another $45,000.

“We know that the food banks unfortunately in Saskatchewan, the volume of people using the food banks have gone up in recent years and about 45 percent of the recipients are children. In particular we are very interested in supporting food banks to particularly address that child hunger issue,” said Yuzik.

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