New distracted driving fines are in effect in Sask.

We’ve had plenty of warning about new, stiffer penalties for distracted driving in Saskatchewan. But Saturday is the day they take effect.

As of February 1, driving distracted will cost people a lot more in Saskatchewan with a $580 fine and four demerit points for a first offence.

It’s $1,400, four points and a seven-day vehicle seizure for a second conviction within a year of your first offence. If there’s a third conviction, the driver will face a $2,100 fine with more points and a seizure.

SGI says the number of people being caught in the past few months is trending down, but spokesman Tyler McMurchy isn’t willing to say if the new penalties are a factor.

“We saw a significant drop in November and another in December with 544 distracted driving offences,” said McMurchy. “That includes 408 tickets for cell phone use.”

McMurchy also hopes that downward trend continues.


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