Canadian Blood Services recruits new donors at U of R blood typing event

University students in Regina were given the opportunity to learn how much of an impact they can make by donating blood.

The University of Regina participated in a blood typing event hosted by Canadian Blood Services on Tuesday. The initiative was hosted at other universities across Canada to encourage students to find out their blood type and become donors.

Aaron Barlow, territory manager with Canadian Blood Services, said students gain valuable information when they learn more about their blood type.

“Understanding how their blood has an impact on Canada’s national blood system, who they can transfuse blood to and who they can receive blood from,” explained Barlow.

“It really helps kind of contextualize how an individual’s blood can help others.”

Canadian Blood Services staff and volunteers stationed at the Riddell Centre set goals of helping 350 people find out their blood type and booking 100 appointments during Tuesday’s event.

The organization says they hope to recruit 40 new donors needed every week to meet patient demands.

“Doing it here at the university, we know there’s a large group of young adults who are healthy and they want to be involved in community service,” added Barlow.

Barlow mentioned that under four per cent of Canadians are blood donors, however over 55 per cent are eligible to donate.

Over 110,000 new blood donors are needed to keep up with demand in Canada.

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