The homeless remembered in downtown Regina memorial

An evening of reflection for those who are or have been victims of homelessness was held in downtown Regina during the week.

It marked the 4th year of the annual Regina Homeless Memorial ceremony.

Members of the community including police chief Evan Bray were at the event where the main focus was to motivate residents to help end homelessness in the city.

Bray said there are some groups that have committed their time to find ways to end homelessness in the Queen City.

“Some of these community based organizations, it’s just absolutely amazing the work that they do, so I think it’s just important for us as a police service to be out here to show our support, show our commitment and be involved in making a positive change.”

The event also gave the audience an opportunity to hear from survivors who shared their experiences living on the streets.

One of those survivors, Cody Francis, said it was the worst time of his life when he was homeless, but he was able to find a way out of it.

“I slept in a big blue bin as a kid, once I was old enough to finally get a job, learn, and put myself in a better position where I could apply myself to better company, better people to surround myself with, it’s much easier since then.”

Francis added that the Street Culture Project has changed his life drastically since getting involved with their work.

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