University of Regina enhances safety precautions for Coronavirus

The University of Regina is furthering their precautions around travel to China during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The University is making as much information as possible available to staff, students and faculty, all the while cancelling all University-sponsored travel to China, and warning against all non-essential travel to the country.

U of R spokesperson Darren Cherwaty said this is a proactive approach to the Coronavirus.

“We see this emerging globally, we want to prepare the University, but truly at this time, we don;t have concerns that we’re going to have any cases on campus,” Cherwaty said. “In fact, we’re probably going to see more things like influenza and the common cold then we’ll see a case of the Coronavirus.”

Cherwaty said the U of R is also encouraging proper hand-washing, as well as cough and sneeze etiquette to be followed.

“We recommend this all year long, it is cold and influenza season, and we want to make sure people are more diligent this time of year,” Cherwaty said. “But, we’re a large campus community, and we’re in a fairly concentrated geography, so all of this information and practicing those good hand hygiene, and cough and sneeze etiquette is always important.”

Cherwaty said they are encouraging anyone returning from China that have fallen ill to contact the 811 Healthline.

“We list a public health number in our information sheet as well, so either number they can call if they’re experiencing (symptoms),” Cherwaty said. “These are folks that are coming back from China, whether it’s staff, faculty and students, we’re saying ‘look, these are the symptoms you want to watch for,’

“A lot of these people are being screened at the airport as well, so there’s a lot of double-check processes that are in place, which I think help a lot.”

Over 900 people have died in China as a result of the Coronavirus, including one American over the weekend. There are seven confirmed cases in Canada, four in B.C, and three in Ontario.

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