One dog injured after Regina Police shooting in city’s east end

Regina Police are reporting one of their officers has shot a dog when responding to an incident on the 1000 block of Broder street.

Police were called to the area at around noon on Tuesday, where a man was reportedly screaming inside of the residence and two large dogs acting aggressively outside.

After police arrived on scene one of the officers exited the vehicle. The dogs then began running towards the officer, which is when the officer pulled out his firearm and shot the larger dog. Both dogs retreated to the house.

The man then exited the home, and was told of the situation. After refusing to put his dogs inside and arguing with police, the man was arrested for breach of peace.

Meanwhile, the dogs were taken by animal control. Regina Humane Society has informed police both dogs have documented aggressive behavior. The shooting is being investigated by the Use of Force Review board.

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