Moe hoping Vince Ready can bring refinery lockout to a close

On Wednesday, Premier Scott Moe officially appointed Vince Ready as the special mediator to bring an end to the lockout at the Co-Op Refinery Complex which will hit day 70 on Thursday.

Ready, who has worked in labour relations since 1965 and arbitrated and or mediated more than 7,000 labour and commercial disputes in Canada, will begin his work on February 18 and will have 20 days to get a settlement.  If that doesn’t occur, he can provide recommended terms for agreement.

Both Unifor and FCL are happy to have Ready on board as is Moe.

“This is a large step towards ultimately getting an agreement at the table.” Moe said.  “This has been a very challenging labour dispute for those families who work at the complex, for the managers who are working inside and a challenge for both Regina and Saskatchewan.  My hope is the special mediator will find success. I am excited at what will hopefully be a resolution.”

Moe added he has not entertained any notion of back-to-work legislation.  The NDP has suggested that the Legislature be recalled early to start that, but Moe says with the history of labour disputes in this province, that would be unprecedented.


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