Would you ever want to change your name? What would you change it to?

Welcome to February 13th, the eve of Valentine’s Day and if you’ve never been a fan of your birth name, today is the day to think about a new one. It just happens to be “get a different name day” today and it started a conversation around the office about alternate names. Of course, this conversation was instigated by me, the king of wasting everybody else’s time around here!

Most indicated they were happy with their name, but I was the exception. “Cody” is a great name but I always preferred the original name my folks had planned for me. Legend has it, my parents were going to originally name me “Colby.” Now that’s a name I really like for multiple reasons, but the biggest reason is the fact that it’s the name of a great cheese and I like cheese. I have yet to find a single person who doesn’t like a nice slice of Colby cheese occasionally. As many of you know, most of my jokes are very cheesy, so Colby would have been a natural fit for me.

Somebody asked me if I’d ever change my name in the future and the answer is, quite simply, NO! Cody is not a bad name, most fellow Cody’s I’ve bumped into have been friendly, and we share a special bond because there aren’t many Codys (or Codies) out there these days. For a very brief time in 1980’s Cody was a popular name, but there hasn’t been a big resurgence since those years. The biggest reason as to why I wouldn’t change my name now is because I DESPISE paperwork. It’s just not worth it and we all know what it’s like to deal with the government. It can be a long process and, knowing my luck, the name changing process would drag out so long I’d be so old I wouldn’t care anymore.

Regardless, whether you like your name or not, it’s fun to think about other nice first names. Some people just fit their name too. For example, I couldn’t imagine Colin Lovequist being named anything else. He fits the name “Colin.” I’ve heard multiple names for Jamie Lewis, some I can’t repeat, but he, too, fits the name of Jamie! Would you ever change your name and what would you change it to?

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