Evict Radon looking for Saskatchewan residents to take part in research study

The Evict Radon campaign is coming to Saskatchewan as a research group from across the prairies is looking for the public’s help in their research.

Those participating in the Evict Radon campaign would purchase a non-profit radon kit that is quality controlled by the research team in order for residents to see what levels of radon exist in their home while the research team gathers data for their study.

Doctor Aaron Goodarzi said Saskatchewan has some of the highest levels of radon in the world.

“Radon is radioactive, and it emits a type of radiation as we inhale it that really damages our DNA inside our lungs, and it drives them towards cancer indeed,” Dr. Goodarzi said. “Radon is something we all should be worried about because it is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and the second overall cause for everybody.”

Dr. Goodarzi said scientists are unsure of how radon levels are so high in the prairies.

“What we do know is that all of the prairies have a source of radon in the ground, but that’s not the only factor,” Dr. Goodarzi said. “One thing our study just before Christmas discovered is that our newer houses had even higher radon, our older houses already had a problem, but newer houses have yet even higher risks.”

Dr.Goodarzi will also be holding seminars in Regina and Saskatoon this week for interested residents to take part in. The Regina seminar takes place at the University of Regina on February 18, while the Saskatoon seminar will be held at the Frances Morrison Central Library.

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