Carbon monoxide poisoning in Saskatoon sends nine to hospital including four children

Nine people have been taken to hospital Wednesday morning, and four of them were children, after fire fighters were called to a home where one person was already unconscious and the carbon monoxide detector was reportedly sounding.

The Saskatoon Fire Department’s Assistant Chief Wayne Rodger says for someone to be unconscious from carbon monoxide poisoning there would have to be sustained exposure but for how long, they are not sure yet.

“Sask Energy is there now, you know, looking at the appliances in the home to see if they can determine where the source of the carbon monoxide is originating.”

The call came in around 9:20 am from the 300 block of Avenue T North. At the doorway, firefighters recorded carbon monoxide levels of over 100 parts per million. Everyone was removed from the home and a further search indicated readings inside of 160 to 190 parts per million of carbon monoxide.

Rodger says generally speaking if all your appliances are functioning normally, most homes would have a reading of 0 as it pertains to carbon monoxide.

He says that would change slightly if there was a smoker who lived in the home because of the combustion and exposure to tobacco.

The Saskatoon Fire Department stresses that a functioning carbon monoxide alarm can be the difference in preventing tragedy. They point out the gas is colourless, odourless and tasteless but the symptoms include headache, fatigue, confusion, dizziness, nausea and vomiting.



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