(Jamie) The Saturday Morning “Car Wash” Guy

Saturday morning was car wash time for the Lewis household. The instant I told my wife I was going to head over to wash my vehicle I knew what would be coming next. “Would you do mine too, please?” How could I say no? After all, she did say please. Plus, I knew better than to say no.

On my way over to the car wash I stopped into the hardware store and grabbed $20 in loonies. When I told Dave, the owner of the hardware store, what I needed the change for he said, “How’d you like to wash mine for me while you’re at it?” Why not? I’m already on a mission to wash two vehicles, why not make it three? Maybe I could set some kind of a record!

It wasn’t even 8 o’clock in the morning so I didn’t think the car wash would be too busy, and it wasn’t. I only saw one other vehicle. Perfect!

There was an employee working the wash bays who saw me come in the first time to do my vehicle. He gave me a strange look when I returned 10 minutes later with my wife’s vehicle. Then when he saw me come back for the third time with my buddy’s truck he actually came over and asked, “How many vehicles do you own anyway?”

He told me his car was parked in front of the car wash, just in case I wanted to wash another one. No thanks! I had enough of that car wash that morning to last a lifetime!

For the time being, my wife and I have the cleanest vehicles on the entire block and my buddy has the cleanest truck in the parking lot at the Rosemont Shopping Center.

Good job Lewis!

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