(Jamie) My Shovel’s Probably Feeling A Little Lonely

Yesterday when I got home I noticed my snow shovel leaning against the railing of our front steps, standing at the ready for another snowfall. I’m sure it’s feeling a little neglected as of late.

That shovel hasn’t moved much from it’s resting spot this winter. I probably wouldn’t need more than both hands to count the number of times I’ve actually had to shovel snow this year.

If you didn’t have a calendar you would have no idea that we’re nearly at the end of February. By my count this is the fourth straight year of having what I would refer to as a “good winter.” One thing I’ve heard a lot of out there is the phrase, “We’re going to have to pay for this good weather somewhere down the road.” I’ve got a feeling that could very well be.

I don’t mind paying for it next winter as opposed to having a lousy spring and summer. Although I am enjoying this weather, I’m under no illusions. We might be less than a month away from spring, but a lot can happen in that time.

So my shovel will continue to stand at the ready in its usual spot, waiting to be called into action at any time.

This is Saskatchewan after all!

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