Province asking Lt-Gov. to approve $369 million in additional funding

The Government of Saskatchewan is asking the province’s lieutenant-governor to approve a “special warrant” equalling $369 million.

The special warrant is a way for governments to obtain money when the Legislative Assembly isn’t in session.

The province said special warrants are issued for things that are “urgently and immediately required for public good.”

The over $300 million would be used to fund 11 different ministries including education, environment, and agriculture.

The NDP is asking the province to release third quarter financial details, in order to show where the money is going and know where the province sits financially.

An NDP spokesperson said that the current government is set to triple the province’s debt.

“From this special warrant it’s unclear how much spending new spending has been committed to,” said the spokesperson.

According to the province, half of the special warrant money- around $179 million- is a transfer of assets from the government relations and environmental ministries to the Saskatchewan Public Safety Association.

The province wrote that the $51 million dedicated to Health has no impact on the bottom line since it is supposed to address various cash needs of the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

“When you remove those two amounts, totaling $230 million, the special warrants that impact summary expense total $139 million.”

The Government says that the third quarter financial update is set to be included in the 2020-21 budget document.

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