Regina student’s drawing picked for anti-bullying t-shirt contest

There were lots of pink shirts being worn by students and teachers at École St. Angela Elementary School in Regina on Monday.

A rally was held at the school to kick off K+S Pink Day with a K+S Potash Canada and the Canadian Red Cross after grade three student Ainsley Sax had her drawing chosen for this year’s Pink Day t-shirt contest.

Ainsley, who spent eight hours to perfect her design, decided to go with the message “Be Someone’s Hero” on the front of the shirt. She said the theme circles around friendship, love and kindness.

“When I thought of bullying, I thought instead of bullying, you should be kind and you should have friendship,” she shared. “When I heard about ‘be someone’s hero’, I thought of superheroes and super powers. I thought they could be our super powers.”

Students gave a performance during Monday’s rally at St. Angela Elementary School in Regina while wearing their Pink Day shirts. (Photo: Moises Canales/620 CKRM)

The shirt design sports her “hero” message in big letters with lightning bolts in between. Not only were the t-shirts worn by students and teachers on Monday at St. Angela, but will be worn by students across the province.

Ainsley hopes her drawing will encourage other students to stop bullying and be kind to each other.

“It’s very interesting to see that people like my design. I’m very proud of myself.”

She’s not the only person who’s impressed with her artistic message.

Her parents Mark and Nicole Sax were all smiles while attending the rally at their daughter’s school. Mark Sax said it’s special to see the effort she put into this project.

“Her mom and myself both went through bullying as kids. So for her to think about that and to come up with a good positive message is excellent, and I’m glad she was able to do that through a t-shirt,” stated Sax.

Ainsley’s entry was picked through the K+S youth program contest.

Monday’s rally also featured appearances by former Saskatchewan Roughrider Luc Mullinder and current Roughriders offensive lineman Dan Clark and kicker Brett Lauther who gave anti-bullying presentations to the school and visited with students.

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