B.C. duo pushing to put Tommy Douglas on new bill

Two B.C. men are spearheading a campaign to put former Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas on the new five-dollar bill.

Last month, the Bank of Canada announced it is looking to replace John A. MacDonald on the bill and has made nominations public.

Rules for nomination are that the person must be Canadian, must have demonstrated outstanding leadership must have been dead for at least 25 years, and must be a real person.

Two men, from Powell River, B.C., are tying to put the father of modern medicare on the bill.

Robin Murray, who grew up in Ogema, Saskatchewan, and Ron Woznow say that due to medicare, Tommy Douglas had an effect on every Canadian.

On top of introducing medicare to the country, Murray says Douglas can be credited for modernizing Saskatchewan.

“He modernized Saskatchewan from being a very rural province. I can remember my mom talking about growing up in southern Saskatchewan, it was an outhouse, no electricity it was a typical pioneer living. Tommy helped get the electricity in, paved the roads,” said Murray. “He was a visionary in his time.”

Murray added that the five-dollar bill would be best suited to bear Douglas’ face because it’s a common bill and the blue would symbolize Saskatchewan skies.

More than 300 Canadians have been nominated for the bill, but Murray says that Douglas stands above the rest.

‘Everyone says he was such a nice guy; he was a people person. He loved to talk to people,” said Murray. He tried to make life better for people in Saskatchewan and people across the country.”

People wishing to vote for who they think should go on the five-dollar bill can click here.

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