Premier Moe confident after Alberta rules carbon tax is unconstitutional

Premier Scott Moe says the Federal Government should put the carbon tax on the shelf, at least until the matter is heard at the Supreme Court of Canada in March.

This comes after the Alberta Court of Appeal voted a 4-1 ruling that the carbon tax is unconstitutional.

Moe, who spoke with reporters after the news dropped on Monday explained why Alberta made this decision.

“The court ruled that the imposition of the federal carbon tax represents a wholesale take over of a collection of provincial jurisdictions and rights, and called it a constitutional trojan horse,” Moe said. “That ultimately could allow the Federal Government to exert authority over other areas of provincial jurisdiction,” Moe went on to say.


Moe is confident that the supreme court will side with the provinces fighting the carbon tax, stating that the decision in Alberta is the base of their confidence moving forward.

“That is the target, that is the goal, we’ve been working towards that and we have been refining our argument as we go along,” said Moe. “You asked earlier what the significance of the 4-1 decision in Alberta is in this journey if you will, what this 4-1 decision in Alberta means and why it is so significant is because it is the latest decision where both sides have refined their argument to where they feel they are at their very best,” Moe said.

Two previous decisions in Saskatchewan and Ontario ruled the other way.

The dates for Saskatchewan’s case in the supreme court is March 24th while Ontario’s is March 25th.

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