(Jamie) Be Careful Back There Buddy!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of enjoying a lunch date with my granddaughter. I hadn’t been to Wendy’s in a long time. Yummy.

After I dropped her off back at school I was heading home and ended up behind a truck with a German Shepherd riding in the back! The dog, unaware of the obvious danger, was having a ball. The danger should have been quite obvious to the driver.

This dog was running around the back of the truck, then would stand up and put it’s paws up on the edge of the truck bed. Although the guy was only doing 50, it wouldn’t take much more than a bump in the road for the dog to slip off the edge of the truck and take a tumble on to the road. Who knows what would happen then?

I always have safety in mind when it comes to my dog, and in my mind, not only is a dog riding in the back of a truck unsafe, it’s also a stupid thing to do.

When I was growing up in Lethbridge it wasn’t only the dogs that got to ride in the back of a truck. As a kid, I vividly remember being allowed to ride in the back of a half ton! I was that dog! My friend and I would hop into the back of his dad’s pickup without even thinking twice. We had a ball. What was his dad thinking? And we weren’t the only ones. You’d see that everywhere. A lot of things have changed in the years since I was a kid and I’m glad that’s one of them.

I don’t know whether or not there is a law that stipulates dogs can’t ride in the back of a truck, but there should be!

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