Be vigilant of scammers this tax season

The Regina Police Service is warning people of CRA scam attempts as tax season ramps up.

While scams occur year-round, fraudsters who impersonate the Canada Revenue Agency or Service Canada, are taking advantage of the upcoming tax season to increase the number of potential victims through phone, texts, or emails.

People have reported being contacted by someone claiming to work for the CRA or Service. In many cases, the scammer has told the victim that they are under investigation and that the person must cooperate by giving out their personal information, including their SIN number. Scammers will often threaten legal consequences if the information is not given.

If you receive such a call, do not let them intimidate you into giving out your personal information,

RPS is reminding the public to always refrain from giving out your SIN or any other personal and financial information over the phone,

If you are suspicious of a call, hang up and call the real CRA or Service Canada to ask if you are the subject of an investigation or an audit.

If you have given your SIN over the phone, contact RPS and make a report.

More information on how to recognize a scam can be found here.

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