(Jamie) I’m Always Amazed At The Number Of People I See At 3 A.M.

Every morning when I roll up to the front of the station I always look around and scout out the street before hopping out of my vehicle and making that 4 foot walk into work. I’ve seen a lot of people wandering the street over the years, but I’ve never been accosted.

This morning when I pulled up there was a young lady leaning against the window of our corner studio with one shoe on and one shoe off. I asked her how she was and what she was up to. “I’m just waiting for someone,” was her reply. She was friendly enough and didn’t ask me for money or anything. I didn’t have any money on me anyway and the only thing I could have offered her was my oatmeal that I bring in for breakfast every morning. We chatted for a couple of seconds and, again, I asked her if everything was alright.

As we were standing there, a young man rode up on a bike and stopped to talk to us. He was talking, but he was so quiet I had to lean in to hear what he was saying. Apparently, this wasn’t the guy the lady was waiting for because she put her one shoe back on and just slowly walked away while I was chatting with him. “Be safe out here this morning,” I told her. She thanked me and made her way back into the darkness.

I asked the guy if he wanted a cup of coffee. “No, but thank you. I have to be going now.” I had no idea where in the world he might have to be at 3 o’clock in the morning, but I guess he had to be somewhere. I also told him to be careful and wished him a great day.

I always feel bad when I see something like that.

Sometimes a guy doesn’t realize how good he has it.

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