Raise triple takeout helps Dunstone to two win day at Brier

Matt Dunstone and his rink from the Regina Highland Club sit 3-1 after play Monday at the Tim Hortons Brier in Kingston, Ontario after a pair of wins.

His 9-8 victory over BC’s Jim Cotter in the morning draw was capped by perhaps the shot of the week and one of the most memorable shots in Brier history.

Trailing 8-5, Dunstone had a chance for a raise triple takeout to count 4 and get the win.  It was a shot he pulled off sending his rink into a frenzied state as those in attendance cheered wildly.

With no time to rest, the Dunstone foursome then beat the Territories 6-2 to sit right in the thick of it in his pool.

Third Braeden Moskowy joined Derek Taylor on “Sportscage” Monday afternoon and said it was the first time he has been on a team that has scored four in the 10th to win.

“It was unbelievable.” Moskowy said. “The percentages when you are 3 down in the 10th end with the hammer aren’t great, but we managed to beat the odds on that one. Marc Kennedy (Northern Ontario’s second) said you need about 10 or 12 breaks to win a Brier, so we definitely got one of those breaks today.”

Dunstone will have two tough games on Tuesday as they will meet Ontario’s John Epping in the afternoon draw and Team Canada’s Kevin Koe in the evening draw. Epping and Koe are also 3-1.

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