Saskatchewan Legislature resumes for spring session Monday

The fourth session of the 28th Legislature resumes Monday afternoon at 1:30.

Premier Scott Moe says the government will basically be outlining everything in the provincial budget which he thinks is one that will be met with approval.
“We are going to be releasing our budget on March 18th and it will most certainly be the highlight of the session,” Moe said. “It will be a budget where we continue to grow on the strengths of Saskatchewan, we’ll continue to build strong families, strong communities, (and) strengthen our economy.”
Moe said the budget should be met with appreciation because of the money designated towards infrastructure which will be good for all of Saskatchewan.
“You’re going to see a record amount of infrastructure investment in that budget, you’re going to see investment in provincial infrastructure that people expect their provincial government to be investing in such as schools, hospitals and highways across this province.” Moe said.
Meanwhile, NDP Leader Ryan Meili is excited to get back into it, pressing on key issues like health care with not enough beds and longer wait times, and with education the challenges in classrooms that are too crowded and too complex.
“You’re also going to see us concentrate more on what’s happening with the economy,” Meili said. “It’s just becoming clearer and clearer every day just how much of a slow down we’re in in Saskatchewan, and how little responsibility the Sask Party is willing to take.”

Meili says the NDP will also highlight issues around trust.

He gives the example of the Brandt/CNIB building to be constructed in Wascana in Regina, saying the provincial auditor noted it didn’t conform to the Wascana Park Master Plan, but it was given the green light anyway.

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