Province reminding anglers of ice shelter removal deadline

As the ice fishing season in Saskatchewan ends, fishers are being reminded that all fishing shelters south of Highway 16, must be removed by March 15th.

Shelters north of Highway 16 must be removed by March 31st.

Every year, numerous ice fishing shelters are abandoned on the ice. These abandoned shelters can pose a danger to boaters, water-skiers, and everyone else enjoying the lakes. Pieces of abandoned shelters have also been known to wash up on shore, causing environmental hazards.

If an owner fails to remove their shelter, they may be prosecuted and have their shelter, and the contents inside it, confiscated. Structures must be moved to a location where they can be loaded and transported to the owner’s residence.

Anyone travelling on the ice should use extreme caution when doing so. Slush indicates that ice is eroding from above and below.

Ice fishing shelters must have the owner’s complete name, address, and phone number on the outside of the shelter.

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