What is something you’re notoriously bad at?

I decided last night that I should do a little cleaning around the house. Emphasis on “a little” because I did’t want to do to much or I wouldn’t have anything to do tonight. It occurred to me that I am notoriously bad at house cleaning, something my mother likes to remind me of.

Dusting is the one of the worst household chores to do because it seems like it has to be done so often and it is so monotonous! It’s incredible how dusty things can get and how fast the dust can settle on those things. The worst has to be the TV and its stand. It is a magnet for dust that I don’t always stay on top of until my Mom says “Cody, you really need to dust that!” This usually means my Mom will find my duster and go to work, therefore I can avoid it. Sometimes I literally have to bite the dust and do it myself. Last night I couldn’t believe how dirty and dusty my floor was around my old man reclining chair. I had no idea I spilled that much food around my chair and how embedded that old food was in dust! You’re probably thinking my home is a dive right now, but really it’s not. It’s just a little dusty that’s all. Ok, it’s very dusty.

Vacuuming and laundry are also terribly dull things that aren’t enjoyable, but I at least stay on top of doing the laundry to avoid those “you really smell” looks from others around me. I’m notoriously bad at not putting things back either. For example, I never put my jackets back after taking them out of the closet. I have spring jackets, winter jackets, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts draped all over my dining room chairs. Who am I kidding, I don’t have an actual dining room, but I do have a table and chairs that act as great coat hangers, albeit dusty of course!

We’re all bad at something in life whether it be house cleaning or something else. It’s important not take oneself too seriously about those things and be humble enough to joke around about our shortcomings occasionally!

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