(Jamie) Where Did All Of These Rabbits Come From?

Yesterday afternoon I was in the kitchen getting some things ready for supper when Max decided to go crazy at the front window. That’s not unusual at all. He’ll bark at anything. People, squirrels, rabbits, other dogs, and the list goes on and on. If it moves, he notices. His barking got to the point that I decided to go to the front window and see what in the world was driving him so crazy. Sure enough there it was, a rabbit, just sitting minding its own business by one of our trees.

It’s a good thing Max wasn’t with me on my drive into work today. I didn’t only notice one rabbit, I counted six in the four blocks from my house to Lewvan Drive. I usually don’t keep count, but I couldn’t help myself this morning. After three I thought I’d better start keeping track. They seemed to be everywhere. I’m used to seeing one or two in the wee hours of the morning, but six?

It’s good thing they weren’t sheep. I might have just fallen asleep at the wheel.

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