Health Canada Gives Thumbs Down to Strychnine Registration for Gopher Control

Farmers and ranchers are disappointed with a decision by Health Canada to cancel the registration of strychnine products to control gophers.

The ruling was made by the federal Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) following a lengthy re-evaluation.

The decision, posted on-line by Health Canada on Wednesday, says available scientific information has not shown that risks to the environment are acceptable when strychnine is used according to the current conditions of registration.

The main concern is the impact on non-target organisms, including endangered species such as the burrowing owl and swift fox.

Health Canada plans to phase out strychnine products used for gopher control over the next three years.

The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities is very disappointed with the ruling and will be issuing a detailed response on Thursday morning.

Farmers and ranchers who want to object to the strychnine decision have 60 days to do so. Health Canada indicates objections must be made on scientific grounds.


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